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School Performance Grades are calculated for all schools as required by the North Carolina Every Student Succeeds Act State Plan and North Carolina General Statute 115-C 83.15.  A-F letter grades are assigned to all public schools in the state. School Performance Grades are assigned using a weighted model of 80% achievement and 20% growth.  Schools with a grade span that does not go beyond 8th grade (grades 3-8, referred to as Elementary/Middle) use a defined set of indicators for the letter grades.  Schools with a grade span starting at 9th grade (grades 9-13, referred to as High School) use another set of indicators.  Schools with grades in both grade spans use the indicators from each combined to create one letter grade.  These grades are used to identify schools in need of Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) as required by ESSA.  Also, as required by state law, School Performance Grades and a school's growth status determines whether a school is low-performing or a district is low-performing.  Lists of CSI schools and low-performing schools and districts are posted on the Accountability Services website.

2017 - 2018 Academic School Year:

  • School Performance Grade: “C”

  • School Performance Score: 60%

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