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Instructional Programs
The Emereau curriculum represents a twenty-first approach to learning which aligns with our school Mission. Emereau strives to create the dynamic changes necessary for profound student learning and increased performance.  Innovative and transformative learning environments, overflowing with vibrant creativity and curiosity provide child centered learning environments. Emereau seeks to accomplish the extraordinary by adhering to the standards set forth, increasing student learning and performance while providing a dynamic learning environment for children in eastern North Carolina communities.
The Emereau model includes Content: the North Carolina Standard Course of Study including the State Essential Standards; the Core Knowledge Curriculum (Hirsch, E.D.); Inquiry Learning (McCune, D.), and the Formula for Greatness which fuels the daily learning environment. Beginning with each student’s Daily Illuminator, learning unfolds through inquiry – investigate to discover; innovate to transform, cultivate to thrive. The process of inquiry, evident across the curriculum and implemented throughout the learning community in every class, provides a learning experience essential to the learner. The 2017-2018 Emereau Kindergarten students will graduate in 2030 into a future yet unknown. The ability to understand and meet today’s challenges and thrive in tomorrow’s world will be realized as the learner begins to illuminate, investigate, innovate, and cultivate.
At Emereau, each grade level will be considered a Learning Community. Classes of 20-22 students will experience multiple learning spaces in physical locations which foster student learning. Included are Collaboration Spaces, (4-6 students) Think Spaces, (1-3 students) and Impart Spaces. (2-22 students)  Students and teachers gather depending on the learning project or task. The form of the space follows the function – allowing for spaces for individual study, group collaboration, or large (20-22) group instruction. The design of the learning environment is based on research regarding the ways children and adults learn in today’s world.
While technology will be evident in the K-5 learning environment, increased instructional technology or blended learning will be evident in the Middle School as well.  Middle School classes, (20-22 students) will include integrated and thematic units, and collaborative group study with increasing evidence of investigation and innovation. 
Fine Arts
The Emereau Fine Arts curriculum includes a variety of programs such as Visual Arts, Theatre, Music, Chorus, Music Theory, Band, Orchestra, Percussion, Drumming, and Strings. While Fine Arts programs continue to see cuts due to shrinking school budgets, Emereau recognizes the connection between imagination, innovation, curiosity and creative learning.  The Emereau Fine Arts curriculum begins in Kindergarten and continues through Grade 8.
Emereau recognizes the importance of a second language for all learners. In today’s global society, fluency in two languages is essential. All students beginning in Kindergarten will receive Spanish classes every week.  The number of hours will depend on their age and grade level. 
Healthy Living
Starting in Kindergarten and continuing through Grade 8, all students and faculty will participate in the Healthy Living curriculum. This Healthy Living curriculum utilizes concepts from John Ratey’s SPARK: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain. The curriculum includes 30 minutes of outdoor activity each day, and a minimum of two 15 minute walks each week for exercise and conversation. Emereau’s commitment to Healthy Living will be evident by providing opportunities for physical activity, healthy and nutritional food choices, and on-going participation in the SPARK curriculum. To enhance the Healthy Living curriculum and to extend Science, Mathematics, and Language Arts, all students will participate in creating, maintaining, and enjoying the Organic Garden. The Leader of Twenty-first Century Initiatives will lead this school-wide program and provide direct linkages to the Formula for Greatness.
Emereau will provide a MakerSpace for students as outlined in Make Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration (Doorley, S., Witthoft, S.)  A MakerSpace, more than a science lab, computer lab or art room, contains elements found in all of these places. Diverse activities are critical to the design and exploration process, and they are what set MakerSpaces apart from a specific subject lab.

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