Applying to Emereau: Bladen 2020-2021 Academic Year Steps


  • Enter the word “Lotterease” in your Internet browser to access the Lotterease Home Page or click here

  • Click “Parents”.

  • Click “Login” (blue rectangle).

  • Click “Registration” to create a new account. (Keep a record of your email and password. Emereau: Bladen will not have access to retrieve your password.)

  • Reminder: As you continue the process, enter the name of each child you intend to register according to the child’s expected 2020-2021 Grade Level.

  • Click “Applicant List” to access Emereau Bladen from the school list.

  • Click the “lottery” appropriate to your child’s Grade Level for the 2020-2021 school year, NOT your child’s current Grade Level.

  • Follow any additional instructions to complete the Registration.

  • Reminder: CLICK “Submit” as directed after each section or entry

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