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Effective August 1, 2022, lunches are $5.00 per meal. Circle each date that your child will be eating school lunch. You are encouraged to pay monthly as this allows Emereau to adequately plan lunches for all children each day. This year online ordering will be made easy with "Foodease". The school will be able to access each student's account balance to ensure there is payment. All payments, whether cash or prepaid online will be posted to the student's "Foodease" record. Please make checks payable to Emereau. If you send cash with your child, please place in an envelope or small plastic sandwich bag with their name and grade.  The school will not provide change for lunch money. All money sent in will be receipted and credited to your child's account. You must provide a juice or water for lunch daily along with a morning snack and juice. These will not be provided. Special arrangements will be made and directions will be given for participation in Excursions/Expeditions. Please send cash or checks for the first week of school until we get the system up and running. 

Click on this link for instructions:   Parent User Manual

Lunch may now be paid online at:​ . 

Please contact: Terri Raynor or Teresa Brown f you have any questions in regards to lunch.​



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