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Why choose Emereau?

Testimonials from Staff, Students, and Parents

Polly Hancock

Head of School

I chose Emereau for the family atmosphere, the flexibility and rigor in the classroom, the professionalism, and the caring feeling of our learning community.


Angelena Hall

Parent of 2 Emereau Students

I can think of so many times the teachers and staff at Emereau: Bladen have been indispensable to our family. One that really stands in the forefront of my mind is when my child’s teacher helped her create a memory box to honor my sister-in-law, whom we had recently lost. She turned my daughter’s tears and breakdown during class into something meaningful to smile about! You see, they don’t just care about what my child knows, but who my child is! My daughter was able to get her emotions out, channel that energy into a project and be productive the rest of the day. That would not have happened if her teacher had not taken the time to get her back on track. Emereau: Bladen is a school of choice because its teachers, administrators and board are dedicated to the holistic growth and development of children. We are honored to be a small part of their mission!  

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