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Welcome to

Emereau: Bladen Charter School


Emereau: Bladen Charter School was founded in 2017 off of Airport Road in Elizabethtown, North Carolina with the main goal of GRADUATION for ALL children in mind. We are a K-8 Free Public Charter School and currently have 562 children enrolled.



At Emereau, 

we illuminate to embark;

we investigate to discover;

we innovate to transform;

we cultivate to sustain;

we celebrate to thrive;

realizing the potential within us- we graduate!



Students will investigate and be innovative within a safe learning environment that develops their academic, social and emotional growth, and well-being to promote success for today and be prepared for tomorrow.


The Truth About Charter Schools

Charters provide a free education and, like other public schools, cannot discriminate by race, gender, religion or disability.

1. Charter schools are publicly funded schools that are created and operated by organizations other than local school districts.

2. A school's charter is reviewed regularly, typically every three to five years, by the charter school organization.

3. Charter schools are classified as public schools by the U.S Department of Education. They receive public money, offer a free education and are held to the same nondiscrimination standards as traditional public schools.

4. Note that charter schools are different from other school choice programs such as vouchers and magnet schools.

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